Brief history about jewish people. Life of jewish people


A brief history of Jewish People

A brief history of Jewish People

A brief history of Jewish People

The history of the Jewish people has nearly four thousand years. People are created from the largest and most ancient civilizations. The history of the Jewish people is the history of struggle and victory, suffering and achievement of goals.Their culture narrate about of all nations.It was the Jewish people who created the religion, which became the main one for a third of population of our planet.

Jewish people attracted patience, but despite this was able to win.The formation of Jewish people can be called a real historical miracle. In this history were strong and independent people who’ve been exposed with attacking by Jewish people.They could revive their ancient language.

A turning point in history of Jewish was the salvation of their people by Moses from Egyptian slavery about 1500 BC. These developments made it possible to go in search of the Promised Land. The Jewish people will have become God’s chosen and find a place where future city of Jerusalem will be.The rules of obedience before God. He will have been followed by whole Jewish people.
The story of Jewish people is a story of steadfastness and strength of faith, they withstood and didn’t break.

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