Jewish National Clothing No other nation takes their traditional clothing and for each element of it so seriously.Like every socio-cultural aspect of the Jews, national clothing is closely related to religion, and recommendations for wearing it and other postulates are laid down in the scriptures.The traditional and basic clothing of the Jewish , which is called “halachic”, is based on them.

Symbolism in the Jewish religion has been significant at all times and is reflected in stories, people, and even objects. Menorah is one of the main and most ancient Jewish religious symbols. It is a golden lamp, consisting of a trunk and six branches that diverge from it to the sides.

National Jewish cuisine is a reflection of history of people and all events that happened to them. The culture of Jewish people is filled with symbolism, and this symbolism also touched the culinary aspect of life. All traditions and rules about taking meal have a direct connection with religion and take its beggining from distant times. Many religious restrictions are distributed on food.

According to the Pentateuch, the Cohen must to conuct religious service with his head covered. Shulchan Aruch, a code of Jewish laws, prohibits Jewish men from walking more than two meters with their heads uncovered.Historians attribute the beginning of an ancient tradition to the times before the First Temple.

The history of the Jewish people has nearly four thousand years. People are created from the largest and most ancient civilizations.

The Jewish people suffered oppression for several thousand years, and only a strong faith could make them survive. Judaism, the main religion of the Jews, is a phenomenon in the world history. It was the consciousness of one's own religious chosenness that allowed the Jews to survive in harsh conditions and preserve their people.