A Brief History of Judaism. Jewish past

Briefly about Judaism

Briefly about Judaism

Briefly about Judaism

The Jewish people suffered oppression for several thousand years, and only a strong faith could make them survive. Judaism, the main religion of the Jews, is a phenomenon in the world history. It was the consciousness of one’s own religious chosenness that allowed the Jews to survive in harsh conditions and preserve their people.

The origin and history of Judaism

judaismThe name of the Judaism religion origins from the name of Juda – son of Jacob, whose descendants were able to establish the first Jewish state centered in Jerusalem. After the Babylonian captivity, Jewish people has become carriers of Jewish culture, and Judaism was considered as the foundation of civilization. Studying Judaica, experts concluded that partially in the rituals and traditions of Judaism the influence of other nations can be traced where the biggest part is coming from the Middle East, however, all of these similarities in Judaism have a special meaning.
Talking briefly about Judaism and taking for example the borrowing of the Pesach, which is originally a holiday for the first harvest – in Jewish culture has become a symbol of liberation from the oppression of the Egyptians. Hence the bitter grass on the table and the lean cake are symbolizing the bitterness and severities of slavery.

Experts, Jewish scholars and theologians have determined that Judaism is the first monotheistic religion of all that ever existed. Early history of Jewish nation reflected in faith and became the history of Judaism. The primitive form of Jewish religion has already existed in the time of the patriarchs around 2000-1500 BC. At that time already many forces of nature were explained by divine influence and there were definitions of patron spirited and evil spirited animals. These principles formed the basis of religion which many centuries later was named Judaism. Then, Abraham has become the first who comprehended the nature of God and was informed about Jewish nation, which became the descendants of Abraham later. Then, at the times of Moses, faith in God came in the form of worship of Yahweh – the way people named God in that period. At this time the cult and traditions of the religion of Judaism has developed , however, it wasn’t very essential for faithful people – it was rather a way to maintain faith and loyalty to God. The testaments that Moses made are observed up to these days and it became the foundation of Judaism. Further periods of the development of civilization has been correcting and forming into religion that we all know as Judaism now.

The main canons of Judaism.

judaismBriefly, Judaism can be reduced to several of the most significant principles on which the rest of religion is built. Judaic experts formulate main thesis of Judaism as a belief in one God, the circumstances of which directly and indirectly affect a fate of all humans and other representatives. This is a monotheistic religion with principles of universalism, according to which everything that happens with this world, the decision of God and the result of our actions, which in turn are associated with devotion. It is worth to mention that the definition of Judaism as a religion is not entirely true. First of all, this knowledge is witnessed by personal experience of Jewish people.

At the same time, honorable and moral behavior is not enough as well as faith in God which is important, too. According to the Jewish canons, God laid on a particularly high level of responsibility on Jewish people. Adherents and followers of this faith are required to keep 613 commandments, while for the rest of people only ten commandments of Moses will be enough. In this case, man himself is considered as a projection of God, a beloved child created as the same image. All people are given equal conditions for understanding the divine essence and enlightenment. Religion in Jewish culture doesn’t exist separately from the rest of life: it is closely related to worldview, ethics, and laws with customs and traditions.

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