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David Roytman Art

David Roytman Art

David Roytman was born in Ukraine in 1979. At
the age of ten, he left his hometown and,
without parents,
went to Jerusalem.
This decision changed his entire life.
“If you don’t fear, you will succeed,”
says David.

Following this principle, David decided on another risky undertaking. He was fond of drawing from early childhood, looking for self-expression, but he did not dare to show anyone his paintings. Canvas, paints and a rifle are the entire arsenals with which Roytman creates his masterpieces. Sometimes a pistol or a cannon from a WWII Tiger tank becomes a “brush”, but each picture is a separate story in which David reveals himself as a person.

David had been searching for his unique style and way of expression for a long time. Firstly, David thought that the holes – traces of bullets tearing paint bags – would not look aesthetically pleasing on the canvas. Afterwards, he realized that on the contrary, holes complement the paintings. Likewise, at the same time, they convey the artist’s mood.

Make art, not war -this is the name of the collection,
some of which has already been sold.
David Roytman firmly believes:
“Everyone should remember when sending their boys to fight and
defend their country, when they return they will need support.”
Since Russia started the war in Ukraine, David has realised that
the same issues faced by returning soldiers, also have a traumatic
effect on children in the war zone.

“In this difficult time of war, we feel obliged to help the children in Ukraine, because it is they who
will have to rebuild a free and independent Ukraine after the war.”- says David.
David has therefore founded a charitable organization in Ukraine, “Kinder Velt”, to provide
psychological help to traumatised children.
Part of the funds from the sale of David’s paintings will go to “Kinder Velt

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