Exotic Collection

About Exclusive Collection

Design House David Roytman Luxury Judaica provides to your attention new - exclusive collection! Each product is unique. Amazing collection will make you pleases with a wide range of headdress, amulet for the house and sets for Talit and Tefillin from exotic leather. Our brand is unique in its versatility and have huge demand around the world. Kippot from exotic leather: crocodile, caiman, ostrich is the best way to emphasize your success. Kippah from exotic leather will make an accent in business style image of a successful person. The headwear itself is of great value and in a daily wardrobe will take a worthy place. Case for keeping the holy commandment –mezuzah made from exotic leather and used as a home guard. Wide arrangement will help to choose the best option to you. For men who honor their religion and status created exclusive set for Talit and Tefillin from ostrich leather. You will not be left without proper attention! All products from exclusive collection presented in limited edition.