Cufflinks "Hamsa with eye"

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silver and onyx
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In the new collection of cufflinks from the design house David Roytman Luxury Judaica each pair carries a special sacred meaning. Exclusive cufflinks “HAMSA WITH THE EYE” are not only jewelry, but also a reliable amulet against the evil eye. The product is made of high-grade silver. The center of each cufflink is encrusted with a noble black onyx with a characteristic glass shine, which serves as the background for the “Hand of Miriam”, the symbol of the sacred Torah.

Designers placed a symbolic eye in the center of Khamsa, the edging of cufflinks is decorated with elegant laser engraving with a symbolic inscription in Hebrew. Jewelry from David Roitman is the best way to emphasize your affiliation to a pious Jewish society and still look very elegant and expensive. You can buy HAMSA EYE cufflinks at company stores, as well as on the website of David Roytman Luxury Judaica , where you will see a full range of luxury handmade products.