Jewish food is all about the cuisine of the Jewish people


Jewish food

Jewish food

Jewish food

National Jewish cuisine is a reflection of history of people and all events that happened to them. The culture of Jewish people is filled with symbolism, and this symbolism also touched the culinary aspect of life. All traditions and rules about taking meal have a direct connection with religion and take its beggining from distant times. Many religious restrictions are distributed on food.

One of the most popular dishes of traditional Jewish cuisine is matzoh – lenten flatbread that can be eaten separately or as a part of many everyday dishes. Matzoh was originally a festive dish which was cooked for Passover. The rules and restrictions are established by kashrut, which must be observed by every believer. One of the most basic prohibitions is the forbidding on eating pork, as well as combining meat and milk in a dish at the same time.

On Shabbat, Jewish decided to cook cholent – a dish from meat, beans and cereals. Also for the kreplach holidays there are triangular dumplings served in a special broth. It is important to note that the original Jewish food – a gefilte fish. Forshmak and tzimes is also a popular dish. During the holiday of Hanukkah must be present on the table a sweet dish – sufganyet – a kind of donut stuffed with jam and jelly. As one more demanded children’s treat on holidays are prepared teyglah – sweet balls from dough in honey.

As for everyday Jewish national food, many dishes have become popular around the world. For example, a dish of chickpeas balls “falafel” is gaining popularity in other countries far beyond Israel.

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