Jewish holidays and everything about them. Short description

Jewish holidays

Jewish holidays
еврейские праздники

Jewish holidays

Few nations honor their traditions so much, respect culture so much, adhere to religious covenants with such respect, and at the same time know how to celebrate their holidays. Thanks to the Jewish holidays, people managed to consolidate in the collective consciousness all national and religious values ​​that directly reflect historical events. Thinking about a question, what Jewish holidays exist and how many of them, you can get confused, because over the course of their history spanning several thousand years, the people of Israel have become overgrown with traditions, and there are a lot of celebrated holidays. Here are some of the most basic: Yom Kippur, Hannukah, Passover and Purim. Now more about each of them.

Yom Kippur

One of the most important holidays in all Jewish culture. There is a forbiddance on 39 activities (equated to Shabbat) on this day. The ideological essence of the holiday is the commission of “repentance” for the pagan faith in the golden calf and joy for the recognition of a new real faith in one God. Therefore, this day is also considered the “Day of Atonement.” This holiday is also called “Judgment Day,” and it is celebrated almost immediately after the Jewish New Year and imposes a huge number of restrictions on believing Jews. On this day, people fast, denying themselves even in water.
There are all institutions, shops, cafes and restaurants absolutely closed on this day in Israel. According to history, the second tablets of the covenant were given to the Jewish people on this day.



This Jewish holiday is also considered one of the main ones, and it is dedicated to the victory of the Maccabees over the Greeks in the struggle for the religious and cultural form of the Jewish state. According to history, on that day a divine miracle occurred, which is now called the “miracle of the temple menorah.”
That is why the celebration of Hannukah lasts for 8 days. Then the Jewish sages preserved
the Jews throughout all eight days to light candles and read the Alel prayer.



“Hag Aemuna” is a celebration of faith. It is this meaning that carries one of the main Jewish holidays. It is this meaning that bears in itself one of the main Jewish holidays. This day symbolizes the exit of Jews from Egypt and the beginning of their own path and search for the Promised Land. According to tradition, on this day it is necessary to tell aloud the history of the Jewish people, convey its essence and understanding to children, instill a sense of unity and responsibility for it own people.There is a custom to cook and eat matzah – a kind of unleavened bread – and bitter greens called “marur” on this day. It is also customary to cook and eat matzo – a type of unleavened bread – and bitter greens called “marur”. The Passover holiday lasts for 7 days, and on the first and last days it is forbidden to do any work not related to cooking for the festive table.There is also a ban on the use of fermented and any fermentation products, except wine among the restrictions.



This Jewish holiday symbolizes the salvation of the people from Persian oppression. It is celebrated in early spring. In addition to joy and gratitude, the holiday has a memory of fear and grief in those difficult times for the people. On this day, you should analyze your life, repent of committed acts, but at the same time rejoice and share your joy with loved ones. Such duality forced the ancient sages to divide the holiday on two parts, since it is impossible to combine these two opposing moods.The first part is the fourteenth of Adara, the day of fun and enjoyment of the festive feast, and the thirteenth of Adara, the day of fasting and the reading of sacred prayers. As one of the traditions of the holiday, it is customary to donate to the poor people and send treats.On this day, every Jew is obliged to listen the reading of Esther’s scroll several times, and it is advisable to do this surrounded by a large number of people. Thus, collective consciousness should lead others to unity. The holiday represents salvation, and therefore, especially when reading Esther’s scroll, it is precisely the verse “that night the dream fled from the king” was singled out. In addition, special rattles are made especially for this day for children, which need to be cracked at the time of pronouncing the name Aman.

In addition to the above Jewish holidays, there is a weekly holiday celebrated on Saturday – Shabbat. This is the day, when all Jews are obliged to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the working week, while observing strict prohibitions on 39 activities, including even simple everyday things, such as turning lights on and off in rooms.

It is useful to note,that all the holidays that set by Torah, except for Yom Kippur, begin with lighting the ritual candles and saying prayer blessings over the festive wine called “kiddush”. Besides prayers and praise psalms correspond to each holiday.

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