Case for Mezuzah


According to the legend, once the Roman Emperor sent to Rabbi Judah and-Nasi great beauty gem as the gift and invited Rabbi Judah respond to this gift, not inferior in value to his. In response, Rabbi presented Emperor a mezuzah. Emperor disappointment knew no bounds. “I sent you a jewel, and you repaid me with a piece of parchment,” – he said. To which the sage replied: “Yes, but you gave me something that I have to protect, but my same gift will keep you and your home in save.”

Design house David Roytman Luxury Judaica developed an exclusive stylish and practical case for mezuzah. Each letter “Shin”, and the ends of the cylinder casted by hand in brass. For convenience fixing, there is mounting plank of alder. The product complemented by unique author’s ornament. For its application used modern method of laser engraving, which provides resistance to external influences. The case of David Roytman will store and protect the sacred scroll of your home and delight with its beauty for a long time.