Nowadays fashion requires special attention for wardrobe elements, for each detail and accessories, especially for nationally significant as kippah. Design house David Roytman Luxury Judaica taking into account the trends of modern fashion, has created right combination of traditionalism and modernism. At “Classic” collection presented various models of kippot made from leather. The name of kippah “Classic” speaks for itself – it is classic! Handmade headdress that made from high quality Italian leather and created by the best masters – will not leave you indifferent! Thankful to wide color variety you can choose the most suitable model for you!

Kippah “Brooklyn” will underline your style and status, this kippah created from high quality leather and presented in 4 different colors: black, brown, blue and beige. Kippah “Brooklyn” from leather gives a pronounced charm to its owner. Design kippah “Modern” is the best option to underline stylish and sophistication of the image. Handmade work from the high quality Italian leather.

The ambition to produce kippah more modern and stylish, create all conditions for daily use and effective combination with the wardrobe, taking into account all traditions of the nation. In this case, kippah”770” is not only tribute to Hasid traditions, but also bright example of all existed requirements to Jewish headdress. Color variety-provides opportunity to choose headdress for any daily outfit.

Each kippah is decorated with company ornament, made by laser engraving, which is effectively decorate kippah and laconically complements the everyday image.