Kippot King David


Anyone who will decide to buy kippah from “King David” collection will show respect to religious traditions and at the same time will have a modern look. From the first look at these kippot becomes clear that it is high quality product designed for confident and successful men. Many of our customers have been convinced on it, and now you have a good opportunity to make sure of it! For kippot manufacture, we are using only one-pieces of high quality leather that provides special chic for the product, and making it practical and durable. At the same time, unusual decor with Swarovski gives a touch of luxury. For the client request, we can produce kippah with barrette that certainly provides convenience for future owners. At collection presented kippot models as King David “Arbel”, King David “Meron”, King David “Classic” performed in dark blue color and inlaid with Swarovski and elegant black kippah King David “770” also inlaid with Swarovski. Kippot from “King David” collection will help you to underline your status and exquisite taste!