Cufflinks «Kohen Blessing»

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Silver and onyx
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Priestly worship has a mysterious and deep meaning. The famous Cohen blessing gesture is depicted on the exclusive designer cufflinks from the new David Roytman Luxury Judaica collection. The main role in the composition is played by the hands of the cohens with their palms turned upwards, made of sterling silver. The background is the black onyx inlaid in silver. The game of contrasts makes the “COHENS BLESSING” cufflinks a noticeable, but not catchy accessory that can dilute men's business style and emphasize the delicate taste of their owner. There is a branded company logo on the side of the cut, applied using a unique laser engraving technique. It makes the product truly expensive and recognizable. The place for storing the cufflinks is a branded alder box.

You can appreciate the superiority of the collection of designer jewelry by David Roytman and buy the "COHEN BLESSING" cufflinks on the website or in the company store of David Roytman Luxury Judaica.