Life in Israel. A brief description of the life of Jews in Israel

Life in Israel

Life in Israel

Life in Israel

Time doesn’t flow in this country like it does in the rest of the world. In Israel, the Jewish people created their own ecosystem, look quite unique.Traditions and cultural properties , closely intertwined with religious beliefs, have created a completely new state that has something to learn from any people that inhabit our planet.

Here, to speak with a passerby on any topic, it is not at all necessary to know the person personally. And helping here, unlike the rest of the world, it’s normal.

The basic law that dictates the rules of the life of Jewish in Israel is not a constitution, because it does not exist. In this country, order and social life is based on religion, and therefore all the necessary restrictions and as all the rules are already set in the scriptures. Each store or cafe in Israel, in which the owners are “law-abiding” and Jewish believers, passes special certification of conformity with kashrut – a set of rules regarding the permissibility or suitability, in this case, the activities of the establishment , from the point of view of traditional Jewish law – Halahi.


Special attention deserves Shabbat. This amazing fact surprises all visitors of the country. Shabbat falls on every Saturday, and this day can be safely called the day when “everything stops”, the whole life of Jews in Israel is paralyzed in a good way.Of the ten place to eat or shops, one will work on the strength, and only because its owners aren’t Jews. Even elevators in high-rise buildings pass on Shabbat to a special mode. Since it is forbidden to perform a huge number of actions on this day, including pressing buttons, elevators move up and down without a break, stopping alternately on each floor.

As for marriage, there are quite serious restrictions. Marriage between people of other nationalities, even those with Israeli citizenship, cannot be concluded here. Most often in these cases, people get married in the Czech Republic and Cyprus. And despite all the difficulties, such a scheme works and the standard of living in Israel remains one of the highest in the whole world.

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