Becher and saucer for Kiddush

Becher and saucer for Kiddush


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Shabbat is a holy day, which is commanded to honor and respect as a sign that God had created this world for seven days, but rested on the seventh. Saying of the holy prayer in honor of the rest day is a pleasant mysterious ceremony held on Friday evening and Saturday morning. The wine will taste so much better if you use it from the exclusive set of “Becher and the Kiddush saucer” from the capsule collection Valentin Yudashkin by David Roytman Luxury Judaica.

Silverware has long been considered a sign of prosperity and aristocracy. It is no coincidence that each of the attributes in the set is manually casted entirely of high-quality silverware. There is an image of three Jews, applied on each product with the help of modern technology of laser engraving, made in graphic style. The central part of the saucer is decorated with a beautiful floral ornament that makes the dishes truly luxurious.
The designer set is carefully kept surrounded by soft purple velvet in the brand alder box. You can buy the “Becher and the Kiddush saucer” in the David Roytman Luxury Judaica company store or on the official website of the company.

An exclusive set will become your family heirloom, which, passing from generation to generation, will retain its original appearance and value over the years.


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