Bracelet Hamsa with stars Tekhelet

Bracelet Hamsa with stars Tekhelet


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The designer bracelet “Hamsa with Tekhelet Stars” by David Roytman Luxury Judaica Design House is an everyday accessory remanding of the inextricable connection with the Creator. The bracelet is a thread woven together in a special way, tzitzit. The decoration is complemented by an elegant hamsa of silver, decorated with the symbolic Stars of David. The Hamsa bracelet is made entirely by hand by the masters of David Roytman Design House. According to the ancient traditions, the thread is dyed with a special dye – the tekhelet, known for its pleasant azure shade. Traditional weaving is made by hand of the best masters completely by hand, which indicates the high quality and uniqueness of the product. You have the opportunity to buy a Hamsa bracelet in a company store of designer Judaica or place an order on the official website of David Roytman Luxury Judaica. Bracelet “Hamsa’s Hand” will not leave indifferent any lover of Jewish symbols.



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