Kippah «Classic» broadtail brown

Kippah «Classic» broadtail brown


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The exotic collection of the David Roytman Luxury Judaica design house presents an incredibly delicate brown CLASSIC kippah made of broadtail. This material has a unique and inimitable beauty, which gained a great popularity and admirers’ love of unusual and extravagant things.

The incredibly soft and pleasant headdress will subjugate your heart at the first moment. The light moire pattern is complemented with leather line intersections and a thin border to match the base of the kippah. An oval medallion, which is used as a logo, effectively complements the composition with a noble metallic shine.

A designer box made of alder plays a role as a worthy package for the product. The craftsmen completed it with exquisite hand-made forged accessories. The exotic collection of Jewish attributes is fully presented on the official website and in the network of brand boutiques.






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