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Kippah Wedding King David

Kippah Wedding King David

Kippah Wedding King David


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Kippah is a traditional headdress Jewish men. It has a sacred meaning – its wearing means humility and acceptance of religious norms. It is an obligatory attribute for all religious rituals, including the wedding. Unlike other nations, the Jews man decided to cover their heads. Wedding kippah from King David is specifically designed for such a celebration. The classic vivid division into four parts forms four symmetrical parts, each decorated with an original ornament, as well as inlaid with Swarovski crystals, giving a special elegance, especially relevant to this occasion. Thus, paying tribute to tradition, a man can suit up respecting all the requirements of customs and modern fashion on such an important day. Wedding kippah is also a unique solution, since its production is carried out by professional craftsmen – handmade work guarantees originality and quality.





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