Soldier “Shayetet 13” - David Roytman


Soldier “Shayetet 13”

Soldier “Shayetet 13”


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For 70 years, the Israeli army has been the part of every house, the indispensable part of the Israeli society. The collection of bronze statuettes, dedicated to TZAHAL is a new development of the David Roytman Luxury Judaica design house.

A representative of the Israel Navy has become a bronze soldier “Shayetet 13”, handmade of high-quality bronze alloy. The high level of detail was reached thanks to the refined jeweler processing and grinding. Elements of the soldier’s wetsuit, accessories and weapon are manually hewn out by virtuosic sculptors. And the six-pointed Star of David is used as a stand.

The eight-inch statuette would perfectly fit into the work interior, would become the ideal present to a collector or to a man who’s used to be surrounded with the exclusive things. In the David Roytman Luxury Judaica company shop you can buy the soldier “Shayetet 13” and see the full collection of the designer.




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