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Tefillin box

Tefillin box

Tefillin box


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Tefillin is traditionally considered as an element of each pious Jew’s religious clothing and expresses the blessed Torah’s main principles. The team of professionals from the David Roytman Luxury Judaica design house created a unique tefillin of noble sterling silver. The attribute not only flawlessly performs its fundamental role, but focuses on the owner’s position in the society, his respectful attitude to the process of religious services. The item is gracefully decorated with the laser engraved fine print. One of the “Beit’s” faces is fitted with the image of the Jerusalem lions that represents might and power. The “Klaf’s” thread from the lower side of the box, made in the form of the six-pointed Star of David, allows to see its sacral content. You can personally examine the handmade designer judaica in the David Roytman Luxury Judaica company shop; the silver tefillin is also available on the company’s official web-site.

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