Wedding kippah

Wedding kippah


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Jewish traditions are prescribed to men, representatives of the Jewish people, to always keep their head covered, using a kippah. Moreover, one cannot do without this important element, thinking through the groom’s outfit, which on the wedding day should be great in everything, because the attention of the guests will be given to every little thing. “Wedding” kippah should be special, its task is not just to keep belonging to the customs, but to become a real decoration, to emphasize the solemnity of an unforgettable event. Therefore, the best decision is to order an exclusive exquisite product, one that perfectly completes the groom’s outfit. An excellent solution is a handmade kippot, made of high-quality Italian leather in white color, stylishly decorated with a unique author’s ornament, obtained by laser engraving. Such a kippah, beautifully covering a head, will not just pay tribute to the ancient traditions, but will emphasize the elegance of the outfit and the peculiarity of its owner.






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