Что такое менора. Статья о еврейской меноре

What is menorah

What is menorah

What is menorah

Symbolism in the Jewish religion has been significant at all times and is reflected in stories, people, and even objects. Menorah is one of the main and most ancient Jewish religious symbols. It is a golden lamp, consisting of a trunk and six branches that diverge from it to the sides.

менораThe first appearance of menorah in history is associated with the wanderings of the Jewish people in the desert. The lamp was installed in a camp temple – the Tabernacle, and after some time it was moved to Jerusalem. The trunk of the Jewish menorah is always decorated with cups, ovaries and flowers. At the top of each branch and trunk are lamps. A detailed instruction on what the Jewish menorah should be made of and what it should look like was received from God by Moses on Mount Sinai. At his command, the very first menorah was to be carved from a single piece of gold. The instructions given to Moses were so complicated that God had to personally make a lamp to show it clearly. The menorah’s purpose was to illuminate exclusively the Jerusalem temple in the dark. At dusk, they poured pure olive oil into the cups and set the wicks on fire. So the menorah lit the temple until dawn. The task of lighting, and after cleaning the burners in the morning, lay on the shoulders of the high priest.
In modern Israel, the Jewish menorah has remained one of the most significant religious and socio-cultural symbols. Most important place on the Coat of Arms of Israel is occupied by the menorah.

The Jewish people take care of their culture and retain knowledge of the menorah for more than two thousand years, and now this golden lamp is universally used as an attribute for the most significant religious Jewish rites.

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